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MK-80 Series Aircraft Bombs

Complete MK-80 series, MK-81 (250 lbs), MK-82(500 lbs), MK-83 (1000 lbs) and MK-84 (2000 lbs) steel bombs. MK-81 and MK-82 Pre-fragmented bombs. Both NATO and Warsaw configurations.
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6kg Aircraft Practice Bombs

DSA’s 6 kg practice bombs are used to simulate aircraft bombs in high drag configurations.
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  Fin Assembly Conical
(MAU 93/B)

Fin assembly conical for Low drag MK-80 series aircraft bombs complete with accessories is manufactured. ... more >>




25lbs Aircraft Practice Bombs

DSA’s 25 lbs practice bombs are used to simulate MK82 and MK 84 bombs in low drag configurations.
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