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This shotgun is for the most discerning and avid hunter. A rugged, fully customized and dependable box lock shotgun. Intricate and beautiful hand carved body satisfies the collector in you. Daudsons' hand made shotguns are a hunter's friend, a collector's dream and an owner's pride.

Craftsmen of Peshawar and surrounding tribal areas are famous for their handicrafts and centuries old gun making skills. If these age old, but timeless skills and craftsmanship are combined with state-of-art metallurgy, a master piece par excellence is produced. And we at Daudsons, have managed to do just that !

Each gun is customized according to your specifications down to the smallest of details. So you are sure to have a gun which is as individual as you !

Calibre 12 gauge
Chamber Length 2.75 inches +/- 1/8" (70mm)
Barrel Length 28 inches
(Can be customized up to 30 inches)
Overall Length 44.5 inches +/- 1/8"
Walnut wood Stock 14.5 inches
Cylinder at Right Barrel 0.720"
Choke at Left Barrel 0.700"
Average Trigger Pull 4 - 6 lbs
Average Weight 6.27 lbs (2.85 Kg)
Safety Manual safety release


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