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120mm/ 81mm/ 60mm
Mortar Training Systems

Train your troops on actual field tables using real firing equipment and like-real mortars with the same trajectory and range. Plus these are re-useable.Gives a flash, bang and smoke. Did we leave anything?
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40mm Hand-held Grenade

For use in short range against soft targets and in anti-personnel role. Extremely successful in anti-terrorist operations. Uses standard low velocity 40mm x 46mm ammunition.

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9mm Semi-automatic Pistol

Daudsons' own 9mm semi-automatic pistol. Light weight and rugged. Body made of high impact polymer.

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RPG-7 Sub Calibre Device

Cost effective method for target practice and training of troops in loading/un-loading and firing of the system. Uses 9mm ammunition.
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120mm/ 81mm/ 60mm
Pre-fragmented Mortars

With 12 times more destructive power, the enemy doesnt stand a chance. For use against soft targets and in anti-personnel role. ... more >>

40mm Training Grenades

The DSA-40mm training grenades are intended for training and simulated exercises up to 400m.Produces smoke for day-time visual tracking and ignites tracer glow for night-time visual tracking.
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Pistol Pyrotechnic
(Pencil Shooting)

With extra user safety features and improved performance DSA Pistol Pyrotechnic has become the standard with Pakistani military and law enforcement agencies. All steel body and extra safety features.
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SPG-9 Sub Calibre Device

A near replica of the actual weapon, this uses 7.62mm bullets to give training to the troops at a fraction of the cost. Can be fired by both, trigger as well as remote system.
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