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Where force is not an option, yet the angry mob must be dispersed quickly. Use DSA's Less-than-Lethal ammunition to avoid injuries on both sides.

The Multiple Baton Round is designed by Daudsons Armoury for use in Riot Control Situations without the use of Chemical Agents. It consists of wooden projectiles which are skip-fired in front of the crowd, serving as a deterrent to aggressive activity. The correct procedure is to fire at the ground and skip-fire in front of the rioter’s feet. The ricochet effect of the round fired in the prescribed method rapidly disperses an unruly crowd.

For use with DSA 37mm/38mm Tear Gas Gun or any other standard 37mm/38mm Tear Gas Gun.


Calibre 37mm/38mm
Length 8 inches (20.32cm)
Weight 205 g
Effective Range 50 yards (45m)


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